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LAW 5042: Introduction to Compliance and Ethics
Fall 2023 • Section 51 • CRN 27817

Course Description

Over the past few decades, the federal government has increased its focus on fraud and corruption in a variety of industries. Businesses are now required to develop comprehensive compliance programs to comply with a variety of Federal, State, and in some cases foreign laws and regulations in order to minimize risk and avoid legal repercussions. As a result, legal professionals who can advise companies on the development and implementation of effective compliance programs are in high demand.This course will introduce you to the compliance profession, one of the fastest-growing markets for lawyers. Focusing primarily on the area of health care and life sciences, the course will discuss the importance of corporate compliance and provide an overview of the legal and ethical considerations at play. The course will also explore relevant laws, examine emerging risks and provide an understanding of the design and implementation of compliance program in the health care and other industries.


Day/Time Location
M 5:30-7:20 PM Klein 2B

Course Details

  • Michael Donnella
Credit Hours

2 Credits



Course Type
  • Exam
Course Modality


Fulfills J.D. Requirement




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