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Fall 2023 Course Offerings

Course offerings for Fall 2023 are still tentative. The information below is subject to change.

Course Name Instructor(s)
Accounting for Income Taxes
  • Marx, B.
  • Macera, K.
Administrative Law
  • Green, C.
Advanced Access to Justice Clinic
  • Rieser, L.
Advanced Clinical Intensive: Community Lawyering Temple Legal Aid Office
  • Rand, S.
Advanced Clinical Intensive: Social Justice Lawyering
  • Lee, J.
Advanced Family Law Litigation Clinic: Temple Legal Aid Office
  • Katz, S.
Advanced Legal Research
  • Perkins, C.
Advanced Trial Advocacy (Civil) TBA
Advanced Trial Advocacy (Criminal) TBA
Advanced Trial Advocacy (Criminal) TBA
Advanced Trial Advocacy (Speech Making) TBA
Advertising and Marketing Law
  • Peirce, R.
Anatomy for Litigators
  • Hodge, S.
Animal Law
  • Lovitz, D.
Artificial Intelligence Law
  • Bollinger, D.
Asylum at the US-Mexico Border: Resistance and the Rule of Law
  • Ramos, N.
Business Law Clinic
  • Williams, L.
Child Abuse & Sex Trafficking of Minors
  • Bezar, N.
Climate Change Law and Policy
  • Sinden, A.
Commercial Arbitration Law and Procedure
  • Troum, N.
Commercial Bankruptcy Practice and Procedures
  • Chan, A.
Community Lawyering Clinic: Temple Legal Aid Office
  • Rand, S.
Complex Civil Litigation
  • Jacobsen, K.
Conflict of Laws
  • Zhang, M.
Constitutional Law
  • Little, L.
Consumer Law and Litigation
  • Milz, A.
Corporate Governance and Disclosure
  • Barychev, Y.
Corporate Taxation
  • Abreu, A.
  • Lin, T.
  • Porrata-Doria, R.
Crimes and Immigration
  • Hufstader, R.
  • Eaton, J.
Criminal Law I
  • Shellenberger, J.
Criminal Litigation Clinic: Defender Association of Philadelphia
  • Shender, M.
Criminal Litigation Clinic: Montco DA's Office
  • McCann, E.
  • Lloyd, K.
Criminal Litigation Clinic: Pennsylvania Innocence Project
  • Sanghvi, N.
  • Maxfield, A.
Criminal Procedure I
  • Ben-Dan, Z.
Criminal Procedure I
  • Rangel-Medina, E.
Criminal Procedure II
  • Shellenberger, J.
Custody Law
  • Pearlstein, S.
Cybersecurity Across Disciplines: A Hands-On Approach for Future Computer Scientists, Engineers, & Lawyers
  • Forrester, J.
Death Penalty
  • Dunham, R.
Drafting and Analyzing Fundamental Estate Planning Documents
  • Mandelbaum, K.
  • Kosteva, J.
Employment Discrimination
  • Rangel-Medina, E.
Employment Discrimination
  • Rogoff, E.
Energy Law and Regulation
  • Hurwitz, K.
Equity and Bias in Education: Selected Topics
  • Dejarnatt, S.
ERISA Fiduciary Provisions
  • Gulia, P.
Estate and Gift Taxation
  • Mandelbaum, K.
Ethics in Practice (International LLM)
  • Jacobson, S.
  • Morrow, D.
  • Braccia, M.
Family Law Litigation Clinic: Temple Legal Aid Office
  • Katz, S.
Family Law Litigation Seminar
  • Katz, S.
Federal Appellate Litigation Clinic - Third Circuit Clinic
  • Levy, M.
Federal Appellate Litigation Seminar - Third Circuit Clinic
  • Levy, M.
Federal Courts and Jurisdiction
  • Little, L.
Federal Criminal Law
  • Ouziel, L.
Federal Criminal Practice: Federal Defender
  • MacEoin, N.
  • Kessler, A.
Federal Judicial Clerkship
  • Goldberg, M.
Federal Reentry Court Clinic
  • Sosnov, M.
Gender Equity in the Legal Profession: Issues & Solutions
  • Epps, J.
  • Liebenberg, R.
Health Care Law: Medical Malpractice
  • Beasley, J.
Housing Mediation Clinic
  • Flood, I.
  • Krouse, M.
How to Run for Office
  • Cappelletti, A.
Immigration Law
  • Spiro, P.
Income Taxation of Estates and Trusts
  • Brown, J.
Innocence and Wrongful Convictions
  • Boyers-Bluestine, M.
Innovation Law & Policy
  • Wambach, D.
Integrated Transactional Program
  • Bartow, R.
International Commercial Transactions
  • Zhang, M.
International Compliance
  • Siembieda, M.
International Criminal Law
  • deGuzman, M.
International Intellectual Property
  • Harris, D.
International Law
  • Dunoff, J.
Interviewing, Negotiating, and Counseling
  • Jacobsen, K.
Intro to Privacy Law (formerly Cyberprivacy Law)
  • Bingham, L.
  • Litka, E.
Introduction to Compliance and Ethics
  • Donnella, M.
Introduction to Intellectual Property
  • Rachlin, M.
Introduction to Public Interest Law
  • Dejarnatt, S.
Introduction to the American Legal System (International LLM)
  • Porrata-Doria, R.
ITAP - Lecture - Sections 20-32 TBA
ITAP - Section 20
  • Epstein, J.
ITAP - Section 22
  • Epstein, J.
ITAP - Section 23
  • Epstein, J.
ITAP - Section 24
  • Epstein, J.
ITAP - Section 25
  • Epstein, J.
ITAP - Section 26
  • Epstein, J.
ITAP - Section 27
  • Epstein, J.
ITAP - Section 28
  • Epstein, J.
ITAP - Section 30
  • Braccia, M.
ITAP - Section 31
  • Braccia, M.
ITAP - Section 32
  • Braccia, M.
  • Eisenhower, J.
Law and Public Policy II
  • Knauer, N.
  • Hatza, N.
Law, Innovation & Technology Colloquium
  • Hollis, D.
  • Mehra, S.
Legal Research & Writing II for International LL.M.
  • Tolay, E.
Legal Research and Writing (International LLM)
  • Tolay, E.
Legal Research and Writing (International LLM)
  • Davenport, C.
Legal Research Writing III: Legal Drafting
  • Tavares, B.
Legal, Professional and Business Aspects of Law Practice
  • Grode, J.
Low Income Taxpayer Clinic TBA
M&A Advocacy to Antitrust Authorities
  • Abuhoff, D.
Mediation Advocacy and Practice
  • Snyder, A.
Orphans Court Pleading and Trial Practice
  • Gusdorff, A.
  • Lazarus, A.
Partnership Taxation
  • Monroe, A.
Pennsylvania Legal Research
  • Buckwalter, D.
Political and Civil Rights
  • Knauer, N.
Post-Conviction Remedies (formerly Habeas Corpus)
  • Silverman, D.
Professional Responsibility
  • Wells, H.
Professional Responsibility
  • McCann, E.
Race and the Law
  • Ben-Dan, Z.
Real Estate Transactions
  • Stein, N.
Role of In-House Counsel
  • Broder, J.
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Law Clinic: Mazzoni Center
  • Ude, T.
Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and the Law
  • Doty, D.
Sheller Center for Social Justice: Social Justice Lawyering Clinic
  • Lee, J.
  • Rieser, L.
Sheller Center for Social Justice: Social Justice Lawyering Seminar
  • Lee, J.
  • Rieser, L.
Sheller Center for Social Justice: The Systemic Justice Clinic
  • Sibley, S.
Sheller Center for Social Justice: The Systemic Justice Seminar
  • Sibley, S.
Small Claims Mediation Clinic
  • Flood, I.
  • Krouse, M.
Taxation II
  • Monroe, A.
Taxation of Executive Compensation
  • Whitehorn, M.
Temple Law Asylum Project
  • Ramji-Nogales, J.
  • Nguyen, L.
Tort Litigation and Trial Practice: City Solicitor
  • Butensky, K.