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LAW 5036: Family Law Litigation Seminar
Spring 2024 • Section 21

Course Description

Taken in conjunction with the Temple Legal Aid Office: Family Law Litigation clinical, this seminar will focus on key aspects of Pennsylvania family law practice and procedure as well as substantive law. The course will develop students' lawyering skills, such as interviewing, negotiating and trial advocacy skills within the context of family law practice. Students will be exposed to critical practice issues which arise in family law, particularly as they relate to serving low-income litigants. The seminar also will include regular case rounds where students can collectively strategize about actual cases while engaging in critical self-reflection about lawyering and professional responsibility. Students should note that this class also will require students to watch three additional video classes during the first three weeks of the semester. The purpose of these additional sessions is for students to learn important substantive law and procedure before engaging in the practice of family law. Students will be required to submit biweekly reflection journals and to complete a final presentation on a €œhot practice issue in the field of family law. The final presentation will require both legal research and at least one interview of an active practitioner working on the issue. Students will receive a letter grade for the two-credit hour seminar based on their written assignments, in-class presentations and their participation in the seminar and simulations.


Day/Time Location
Th 10:00-11:50 AM Klein 8A

Course Details

  • Sarah Katz
Credit Hours

2 Credits



Course Type
  • Non-Exam
Course Modality


Fulfills J.D. Requirement




Registration Info

Registration Notes

This course is open only to students enrolled in the Temple Legal Aid Office Family Law Litigation Clinical. Students enrolled in the Clinical will be automatically enrolled in this course.This course does not fulfill the upper level writing requirement,

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