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LAW 0669: Advanced Trial Advocacy (Speech Making)
Spring 2024 • Section 21 • CRN 41501

Course Description

This performance based course will explore the art of speechmaking by focusing on the elements of what constitutes clear and persuasive speech in a legal context. It will consider the use of speechmaking in a variety of contexts that arise in legal practice (e.g., with individual clients and client boards, in negotiations and settlements, before judges, arbitrators, and mediators). Particular attention will be paid to the use of speeches in litigation. Principles of persuasion will be identified and analyzed in how they advance the three purposes of a speech: to entertain; to inform; and to persuade. Students will focus on preparing, organizing, drafting, using exhibits, quoting witnesses, explaining burdens of proof, incorporating judicial instructions, calling opponents on mistakes and misstatements, avoiding impermissible arguments and actual speech delivery.


Day/Time Location
W 6:00-8:50 PM Klein 1A

Course Details

  • Mary Defusco-Ochal
Credit Hours

3 Credits



Course Type
  • Non-Exam
Course Modality


Fulfills J.D. Requirement
  • Experiential/Professional Skills


Registration Info


You must have completed the following courses before enrolling in this course:

  • LAW 0460 (Trial Advocacy I ) or LAW 0558 (Introduction to Trial Advocacy)
  • LAW 0461 (Trial Advocacy II) or LAW 0558 (Introduction to Trial Advocacy)
  • LAW 0540 (Evidence)

Book List/Materials