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LAW 0670: Tax Practicum
Spring 2018 • Section To Be Determined

Course Description

This course is open only to students who have had at least one course in Taxation and who have secured the consent of a member of the Tax Faculty. The specifics of the course will be tailored to the student's interests and proposed project but will in all cases involve some aspect of the practice of tax, regular discussion with the Professor, and written work product that requires the merging of tax theory with practice. Examples include but are not limited to, the establishment of a non-profit corporation, including the drafting of appropriate tax exemption documents, unpaid (internship) work at the Office of District Counsel of the Internal Revenue Service or Philadelphia City Solicitor, including drafting of legal memoranda or briefs and regular conferences with the Professor regarding the subject of such memoranda or brief, and including, at the discretion of the Professor, a paper reflecting on the experience or further analyzing a substantive issue arising from the experience. The Professor will be responsible for monitoring the quantity and quality of the work and ensuring that it is commensurate with the credits being awarded. Students may receive either 2 or 3 credits for the course. The course will not satisfy the Law School's Writing Requirement. Grading will be either a letter grade or pass/fail, at the discretion of the Professor and will be determined at the time of registration for the course.


Schedule To Be Announced

Course Details


Instructor To Be Announced

Credit Hours

Varies, 2 to 3 Credits


No Limit

Course Type
  • Practicum
Course Modality


Fulfills J.D. Requirement


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Registration Notes

Tax Practicum is listed for information purposes only. Students must see the Director of Graduate Tax Programs (Prof. Mandelbaum) to request participation.

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