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Featured 2020 Honors Grant Recipients

Since its inception in 1992, SPIN has raised nearly $370,000 to support students working for non-profit legal organizations during the summer. Despite the circumstances of the pandemic, SPIN provided a total of 18 Honors Grants in Summer 2020.

Louis Gentilucci
Louis Gentilucci
In 2020, SPIN allowed me to continue my work for the State of New Jersey by providing funds to see me through the pandemic. My internship was touch-and-go for a while, but SPIN stood by me regardless of the turmoil. Thanks to SPIN, I was able to work on cases involving addiction treatment funding and attorney confidentiality issues. I hope to continue my professional career after graduation with the State of New Jersey, and SPIN has greatly improved my odds of success.
Sarah Zimmerman
Sarah Zimmerman
In the summer of 2020, I interned for a federal judge on the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. I got real chummy with WestLaw, researching and writing about compassionate release, social security, evidentiary disputes, and more. My SPIN honors grant allowed me to focus on the meat of my work without worrying about my basic needs, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks SPIN!
Megan Bershefsky
Megan Bershefsky
With my SPIN grant last summer, I worked at the Center for Public Health Law Research at Temple. While there, my work focused on policy research, specifically on the opiate crisis. This was part of a larger project at the Center aimed at creating a policy map of the opiate prescribing laws in different states. I was part of a team of five interns, including other Temple students. Having a SPIN grant helped me to keep up with expenses for the summer, which made it easier to focus on the work.
Taylor Maurer
Taylor Maurer
Last summer, I worked with AEquitas Resource to support prosecutors who handle human trafficking cases. Specifically, I researched arguments against the admissibility of a victim's past prostitution acts in the context of sexual assault cases. My public interest internship was unpaid, and my SPIN grant helped me to offset the total amount of loans I had to take out for food and housing. I was very grateful to have financial support during a mentally taxing remote internship experience. Thanks SPIN!
Joshua Lachewitz
Joshua Lachewitz
As a 4-year JD/MSW student, I spent my 3L summer with National Legal Advocacy Network. This position gave me the opportunity to develop a better understanding of principles and practices around law and organizing. Among other things, I participated in virtual legal clinics for workers impacted by COVID-19, researched health and safety issues, and helped with a roundtable with lawyers and organizers on protected concerted activity. My supervising attorney also connected me with Up Against the Law Legal Collective, where I was able to help make an instructional video on contesting Code Violation Notices for those participating in protests following the death of George Floyd. My SPIN grant helped cover some of my meal costs at the end of the summer.
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Tom Nardi Intern with Judge Anders (Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas)
Geminesse DorseyU.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Philadelphia
Caroline Criste Buck's County Public Defender's Office
Jack Farrell Women Against Abuse
Emily BockCamden Public Defender’s Office
Angela Lee Nationality Services Center
Briannon IrwinCriminal Division of the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas
Abigail ThibeaultU.S. Army JAG Corps
Tyler Wagner
Mary Kate KalinichACLU Summer Intern
Bert Bender Judicial Intern U.S. District Court- Eastern District of Pennsylvania
Dina KopanskyCommunity Legal Services
Rebecca AlderferHon. Anne Lazarus, Pennsylvania Superior Court
Shawn CabinianPennsylvania Institutional Law Project
Alyssa KovachHon. Felipe Restrepo, U.S. District Court - Eastern District of Pennsylvania
Jeremie MathiasNew Jersey Attorney General's Office
Jacqui RobbinsFair Housing Rights Center
Fiamma RagoPennsylvanians for Modern Courts
Rebecca SongHon. Diana Anhalt, First Judicial District of Pennsylvania, Court of Common Pleas
Emma TuohyPennsylvania Immigration Resource Center
Sharon UlakCity of Philadelphia Law Department
Jennifer AbramsHon. John T.J. Kelly, Jr., Superior Court of Pennsylvania
Aditi Aggarwal Camden County Prosecutor's Office
Hon. C. Darnell Jones II, U.S. District Court - Eastern District of Pennsylvania
Molly Armour Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia
Office of the Illinois Death Penalty, Chicago
Timothy AyerAlaska Public Defender Agency
Margaret BaldwinPublic Interest Law Project - Oakland, CA
Andrea BanksCommunity Legal Services
Catherine BarrettBucks County District Attorney's Office
Ben Beck-CoonCommunity Legal Services
Abby BibermanBrooklyn Family Defense Project
Christopher BoltinghousePhiladelphia Public Defender Office
Amanda BossertDepartment of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Office of the Chief Counsel
Erin BoylePhiladelphia Defender Association
Maureen BoyleU.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Jen BurdickACLU of Deleware
Carolyn CastagnaThe Support Center for Child Advocates
Elizabeth CepparuloDefender Association of Philadelphia
Mary ClarkHIAS and Council Migration Service
Sarah CoburnCommunity Legal Services
Michael ConnettPennsylvania Human Relations Commission
Lauren ElfantFederal Defender of Philadelphia
Justine Elliot Community Legal Services
Nationalities Service Center
Lauren FitzgeraldU.S. Attorney's Office - Eastern District of Pennsylvania
Zachary Friedman Baldwin, Callen and Ransom
New Hampshire Legal Assistance
Rachel GarlandCommunity Legal Services
Lindsey GauzzaHIAS and Council Migration Services of Philadelphia
Jacob GinsburgNJ Office of the AG Division of Law
David GreenbergHon. Gloria M. Burns, U.S. Bankruptcy Court - District of New Jersey
James GriffinNJ Attorney General's Office
Paul LaPlante GuildFood Stamp Clinic
Kaitlin GurneyHon. Jerome B. Simandle, U.S. District Court - District of New Jersey
Aimee Haynes International Law Institute - African Centre for Legal Excellence
U.S. State Department - Consulate Shenyang, China
Jason HernandezPhiladelphia City Councilman Curtis Jones, Jr.
Rebekah HorowitzCenter for Constitutional Rights
Jessica Horan-BlockCommunity Legal Services
Timothy JamesHon. Charles E. Ramos, New York State Supreme Court
Corrin JohnsonWomen Against Abuse Legal Center
Jessica Jones Women's Refugee Commission;
Community Legal Services
Rachel KahnHIAS Pennsylvania
Andrew KelserU.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region III
Jedidiah Vander KlokU.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Lauren Kluz-WisniewskiPennsylvania Human Relations Commission
Aimee KumerNational Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women
Illene LeventhalPaul Hoffman, International Human Rights Attorney
Erin LindgrenHochberg, Levin and Zeiger
Josh MankoffHon. Dolores K. Sloviter, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit
Daniel MarvinMontgomery County District Attorney's Office
Christina MattelianoKairys, Rudovsky, Messing and Feinberg
Katie McCabeCommunity Legal Services
James McClammer U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region III, Office of General Counsel
Delaware Riverkeeper
Angela MearsHon. Flora Barth Wolf, First Judicial District of Pennsylvania, Court of Common Pleas
Julia MelleCommunity Legal Services
Kristina MoonWomen Against Abuse Legal Center
Kara MorseNational Nursing Centers Consortium
Eric Motylinski Community Legal Services
ACLU of Delaware
Abigail Moyer Federal Defender of Philadelphia
Philadelphia Legal Assistance
Colleen MulhernCommunity Legal Services
Danielle NicholsonStudents Travel and Exposure South Africa
Andrea Pace Humane Society of the U.S.
ASCPA, New York
Curt ParkinsMontgomery County Public Defender
Melissa PelkeyPennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Abigail PerkissNational Constitution Center
Elisabeth PetersonLegal Clinic for the Disabled
Olivia PulleyHon. Thomas Blewitt, U.S. District Court - Middle District of Pennsylvania
Shannon RaffertyPhiladelphia DA's Office, Family Violence/Sexual Assault Unit
Lauren RidleyNational Nursing Centers Consortium/Convenient Care Clinic
Lissette RiveraOffice of the Public Defender, San Francisco
James RomanPhiladelphia District Attorney's Office
Bethany SamuelsCamden County Prosecutor's Office
Tiffany SawyerThe Support Center for Child Advocates
Liz SchoenKoob and Magoolaghan
Amy SfaraPennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
William B. Shuey Regional Housing Legal Services
Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission
Lila SlovakHon. Harvey Bartle III, U.S. District Court - Eastern District of Pennsylvania
Susan SoslauDisability Law Project
Trevor TaylorNationalities Service Center
Jeffrey TenthoffHon. Teresa M. Sarmina, First Judicial District of Pennsylvania, Court of Common Pleas - Homicide Docket
Jordan TinsleyPennsylvania Attorney General's Office
April M. TownsendNJ Attorney General's Office
Elena ValenciaNew Jersey Public Defender
Divya VasudevanU.S. Attorney's Office - Eastern District of Pennsylvania
Ashley VratilHon. Anita Brody, U.S. District Court - Eastern District of Pennsylvania
Andrew WellbrockPhiladelphia District Attorney's Office
Laura Whipple SSA Region III Office of General Counsel
SeniorLAW Center
Chris Wickman U.S. District Court - Eastern District of Michigan
Jordan Winquist Judith Brown Chomsky
Public Voice for Public Space
James WongMFY Legal Services, New York
Liz Yaeger Nationalities Service Center
Defender Association of Philadelphia
Katrina YoungCommunity Legal Services
Aviva ZierlerFamily Court of Delaware