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LAW 0497: International Law and Public Health
Spring 2020 • Section 21 • CRN 12052

Course Description

This course examines the many treaties, institutions and customs that govern how health is protected and promoted in the international system. Specific topics will include communicable disease control (e.g., SARS), chronic disease control (Framework Convention on Tobacco Control), international human rights and health, access to medicines (e.g., the TRIPS Agreement), the institutional structure of global health governance (World Health Organization, Global AIDS Fund), and health-related business regulation.


Day/Time Location
M 4:00-5:50 PM Klein 7B

Course Details

  • Scott Burris
Credit Hours

2 Credits



Course Type
  • Exam
Course Modality


Fulfills J.D. Requirement




Registration Info

Registration Notes

This course is offered as a "hybrid" course. Most students take it as an exam course. A limited number of students may take it as a writing seminar. Request course number 497 to take this course as an exam course. Request course number 997 to take this course as a writing seminar.

Equivalent Courses

You may not register for this course if you are enrolled in or have already taken the following:

  • LAW 0997 (International Law and Public Health)

Book List/Materials