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LAW 1102: Law and Justice: International Literary Perspectives
Spring 2022 • Section 51 • CRN 45967

Course Description

Of what does justice consist? One important component is decision according to rule, rendered by a neutral, impartial decision-maker. But the rule of law ideal does not exhaust our conceptions of justice. When rigidly applying rules seems unduly harsh, justice may consist of showing mercy. Or an occasion might seem to require an empathetic rather than an impartial decision-maker. And, sometimes, focusing on results rather than on procedure is important. Drawing upon literature—short stories, novels, plays--from several countries, this course will examine competing images of just outcomes and procedures. Through in-class discussions, simulations, and writing exercises, students will bring these differing images to bear on an actual legal case in order to see how alternative ideas of justice might affect how lawyers understand and perform their work.



Day/Time Location
W 5:30-7:20 PM Klein 1A

Course Details

  • Finbarr McCarthy
Credit Hours

3 Credits



Course Type
  • Writing
Course Modality


Fulfills J.D. Requirement
  • Writing Serial


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