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Spring 2022 • Section 32

Course Description

The "Integrated Trial Advocacy Program" (ITAP) is a two semester, ten credit course package. ITAP combines Evidence, Civil Procedure II and trial advocacy skills. In the Fall, Evidence and Trial Advocacy I coupled with the spring courses of Civil Procedure II and Trial Advocacy II, introduce students to the basic skills of analyzing a trial file, examining witnesses, making and meeting objections and offers of proof, introducing exhibits, and delivering opening statements and closing arguments through a "learning by doing" or student performance format. This course also requires that students attend (online or in-person) weekly demonstrations/lectures geared to the weekly assignment. Trial Ad I has a decidedly criminal trial advocacy orientation. The course culminates with students trying a mock criminal jury trial. Particular attention is given to the interplay between the law of evidence and the art of trial advocacy. Trial Ad II has a decidedly civil trial advocacy orientation (see the Spring 2022 schedule for further information).


Day/Time Location Note
W 6:00-7:50 PM Klein 1E CIV PRO II - Mary Levy
Th 7:30-9:20 PM Klein 1D Additional CIV PRO II - 1st & 2nd Week
Th 7:30-9:20 PM Klein 7B Trial Advocacy II

Course Details


Instructor To Be Announced

Credit Hours

5 Credits



Course Type
  • Integrated Trial Advocacy Program
Course Modality


Fulfills J.D. Requirement
  • Experiential/Professional Skills


Registration Info

Registration Notes

Students will be automatically registered in the same ITAP section for the spring 2022 as they were assigned in the Fall. Part of a two semester, ten credit course package. See course description.

Equivalent Courses

You may not register for this course if you are enrolled in or have already taken the following:

  • LAW 0558 (Introduction to Trial Advocacy)
  • LAW D462 (Integrated Transactional Program)

Book List/Materials