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LAW 0758: Advanced Trial Advocacy: Online Advocacy and Technology in Trials
Spring 2023 • Section 21 • CRN 45294

Course Description

This course offers intensive training in the applicable law, strategy, skills, and techniques of online advocacy in hearings, as well as training in the use of courtroom presentation software. The course combines traditional lectures and demonstrations with learning-by-doing exercises. Students will have opportunities to conduct witness preparation, create visual demonstrations, conduct direct and cross-examinations virtually, and participate in an entire trial online. All of these exercises will allow the professors to provide substantial feedback and critique.


Day/Time Location
W 1:10-3:50 PM Online Meeting

Course Details

  • Elizabeth Lippy
Credit Hours

3 Credits



Course Type
  • Non-Exam
Course Modality


Fulfills J.D. Requirement
  • Experiential/Professional Skills


Registration Info


You must have completed the following courses before enrolling in this course:

  • LAW 0540 (Evidence)
  • LAW 0558 (Introduction to Trial Advocacy)
  • LAW 0460 (Trial Advocacy I )
  • LAW 0461 (Trial Advocacy II)

Book List/Materials