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LAW 0647: Federal Criminal Law
Spring 2023 • Section 51 • CRN 27452

Course Description

This course will examine the structure of federal law enforcement, the scope of federal criminal law and techniques for limiting federal criminal authority. It will address the problems of fraud and political corruption and specifically examine the crime of mail fraud, violation[s] of the Hobbs Act and examine official bribery. The course will include an examination of drug trafficking and money laundering. Group and organizational crime will be addressed through examination of conspiracy and the racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations statute. As time permits, students may also examine federal sentencing guidelines and forfeiture provisions.


Day/Time Location
T 6:00-7:15 PM Klein 1C
Th 7:30-8:45 PM Klein 1C

Course Details

  • James Shellenberger
Credit Hours

3 Credits


No Limit

Course Type
  • Exam
Course Modality


Fulfills J.D. Requirement




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You must have completed the following courses before enrolling in this course:

  • LAW 0410 (Criminal Law I)

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